FAWD is an association of Florida tobacco, candy, food and general merchandise wholesale distributors and associate members committed to the well being and betterment of its members.

FAWD represents and advocates the interests of its distributor and associate members, through an inclusive membership program, in state and local government matters, in industry and educational matters and in all other matters impacting the business of its members.

FAWD utilized the resources of its members to positively represent their business concerns and image both within and outside the industry.

For more than 40 years, the Association has represented the interests of distributors and the tobacco and candy industries before the Florida Legislature and State Agencies. The members of FAWD have an active voice in Florida’s political process, as well as an opportunity to get involved in issues at the Federal level through our affiliated organizations.

The FAWD hosts an annual Day on the Hill in Tallahassee, which provides members the opportunity to meet with their legislators in the Florida House and Senate to advocate for issues that benefit the industry.

In addition, the FAWD holds its annual Convention and Business Meeting during the summer to recap legislative actions, conduct the business of the Association, and provide networking opportunities for the members.

Membership in the FAWD provides Florida’s distributors and manufacturers the opportunity to expand their business network to a broader audience. The annual Convention provides members a chance to make new contacts in a relaxed setting and to discover new products and opportunities at the event’s Table Top show.

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